ETX Trading: Why Is This Broker Recommended?

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ETX trading Capital is a leading broker and has received a new regulatory license from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA), a London-based forex and CFD broker announced on Tuesday. Trading services in South Africa will begin with this new license. ETX also confirms that its clients in the country will receive instant execution, tight spreads, and low commissions on CFDs.

The broker added a South African license as part of a move to expand its services globally, especially outside of Europe. The South African license appears to be a strategic move for the broker as the country remains a significant trading market in Africa.

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How To Trade With ETX Trading Capital

These are traders who open Spread betting positions or choose to trade on CFDs. Forex with capital ETX can be done in two separate ways, such as CFD or spread betting. This is one of the important decisions to make because it is the core strategy of any trade, and the type of deal chosen can affect the period the position is held open.

Note that for the fact that you estimate market volatility and FX market price updates with a CFD account or Spread betting account, you can decide to go long or go short, which means you either Buy or Sell. So, depending on the trade you choose as a trader, you may feel bearish or bullish about the longevity of a particular market.

Traders must manage their risk. The FX market is one of the largest liquid markets worldwide, with a wide range of trading activities under it. So, it is advised that when trading or placing your trades, you should be extra careful to guide yourself from possible losses, as well as excess market movements.

There is a wide range of risk management instruments available to every trader on the ETX Capital platform. These tools are stop-loss, limit orders, and guaranteed stops, and they are used to control the level of risk on the platform. If you are a new trader, you can start with small trades that suit your financial capabilities. Don’t try to over-leverage your account by dealing with more transactions than your wallet.

ETX Trading Capital Costs: How Much Does It Cost To Trade?

Inactivity fees are not charged on the ETX Capital platform on inactive accounts. Fees are made monthly, depending on the type of currency used. Your currency trading fees can be viewed on the ETX Capital trading website. There are more than 31 currencies on the platform, so it is not easy to list them all in this article.

ETX Capital Company also has an overnight fee they charge because they offer a leveraged trading product. For indices, commodities, and equities, their charge is the total positions held multiplied by 3.5, then divided by 365. On weekends, fees are applied only once. Although the basic market spread is wider as a 3-day position is held instead of one. Also, for FX, interest, the summation is based on the specific currency used in the trade.

ETX capital costs:

• Cost of spreads

• Overnight charges may occur

• Inactivity charges may occur

Customer Support And Service

ETX Capital’s customer support services utilize multiple languages ​​to meet the needs of their many customers. Another wonderful aspect is that the FAQ page on the official site is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Czech, Polish, and more than 15 other languages. To get customer service support, use the contact us page on the website.

There you can find their contact details. There are different numbers for existing accounts and new accounts. Existing accounts will use the number registered to them. While new users take advantage of the number of customer support registered for them, if you want to physically locate them, you can get their physical address on the website. The company ETX Capital has made it a part of trading to go to various trading activities around the world. Traders at trading events can earn to meet Business Introducer’s clients, affiliates, and clients.

Overview Of Trading Conditions:

leveraged financial product (CFD) trading will be offered by ETX Capital. More than 5,000 different markets are available. Leverage is 1:30 for retail clients and 1:500 for professional clients due to new regulations.

When it comes to spreading the broker only offers spread-based accounts. The advantage of this is that you pay no commission on most of your trades (some assets may include the commission). Spreads start with 0.6 pips on Forex and 1 point on indexes. Trading fees are very competitive for other CFD brokers.

A demo account and live account can be opened by a Trader. The minimum deposit for real money trading is $250. In addition, different base currencies are offered for trading accounts. ETX Capital provides extremely fast execution using a large and trusted liquidity provider. All in all, the company provides excellent conditions for investors.

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