The Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia

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Indonesia is not only famous for its beautiful natural scenery and attractions but also its dishes and beverages. No wonder food travel in Indonesia is always colourful with signature dishes from each area.

Not only that, but Indonesia is also known as the best coffee-producing country with a world class taste. Coffee plants are indeed very suitable if planted in a tropical climate like in Indonesia, so the results are always satisfying in terms of taste.

Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia

Coffee beans produced by several regions in Indonesia have their own distinctive taste and it is an advantage for each of these producing regions. These types of Coffee beans indonesia are well known throughout the world, such as the following:

1. Acehnese Gayo Arabica Coffee

Aceh is one of the best coffee producers from Indonesia, which is producing Arabica coffee called Gayo coffee. This coffee is grown in the Gayo Aceh area, which has a watery texture but is not too thick.

Gayo coffee also has a sour taste that fits many people’s taste. Gayo coffee is suitable for coffee lovers who don’t really like coffee that tastes sour. The presentation is also enjoyable. The coffee is boiled directly in the pot and then served in a glass with milk and sugar.

2. Toraja Arabica Coffee

Toraja coffee is also one of Indonesia’s coffees known to the world. America and Japan are the main customers of Toraja coffee exported there. The hallmark of this coffee is that it has a bitter taste once you sipped it. Then the bitter taste will disappear after being swallowed and does not leave a bitter aftertaste. This coffee that grows in the Sulawesi region has a bite with a low level of sour taste.

3. Rangsang Meranti Liberica Coffee 

The next type of coffee from Indonesia is the Rangsang Meranti Liberica Coffee. This coffee comes from the Riau region, known to Singapore and Malaysia. The two countries are the main customers for the export of Liberica coffee.

4. Temanggung Robusta Coffee

The characteristic of Robusta coffee originating from Temanggung is different from the others. This coffee has a tobacco aroma which is dominated by its bitter taste. But the bitter taste of robusta coffee makes it much in demand by coffee connoisseurs. Even now, this coffee has been exported to Latin America, the European continent, and countries in the Middle East.

5. Kintamani Arabica Coffee

By the name of the coffee, it is clear that this coffee comes from the Kintamani area of ​​Bali. Kintamani Arabica coffee has a unique blend of fruity flavors and a fresh sour taste. This Arabica coffee also has a thick level and also a soft and light taste.

Enjoy a serving of coffee from Indonesia to find out how each Indonesian coffee tastes according to their respective regions of origin.

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