What to do when caught up in bad weather on a yacht?

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Weather can be really unpredictable. When you are out on the waters with your yacht, the weather can go against your preferences. This is where you should be aware of what to do when operating your yacht under bad weather conditions. Having a proper understanding on how to react to such situations accordingly can help you with staying away from trouble and the yacht rental in Cabo.

  • Turn your yacht towards the docking location at a 45 ° angle.

The safest route to the beach if you find yourself in a storm is to head the bow in the yacht at a 45 ° angle into the waves. By doing this, you’ll be able to minimize the chance of the waves swamping your yacht. On top of that, you will be able to experience a smooth and a hassle-free docking experience as well. There is no reason for you to worry about going for such a docking experience. 

  • Reduce the speed of your yacht

As soon as the storm starts to intensify, slow your yacht down as securely and swiftly as you can. When your yacht is in choppy water or a strong wind, you should retain just enough to keep steering and headway. We advise keeping your yacht moving slowly sufficient for the water to overtake it rather than at a speed that outruns the water. In fact, the trip becomes more pleasant as a result. You run the danger of losing command of the yacht or bringing up if you go faster than the stormy waves can sustain.

  • Avoid contacts with metal

If you are holding a metal item or component as lightning hits the yacht or even nearby, there is a very good probability that you may be badly electrocuted. To prevent metal and keep your crew safe, we advise congregating in the middle of your cockpit.

  • Lock all windows and doors

In their fear when aboard a yacht in a storm, many yachters forget to close windows and firmly attach latches. By closing your windows and locks, you can keep water from flooding your yacht’s cabin. Flooded cabins may add weight to the yacht and make it more likely to sink. Hence, you will need to lock all the windows and doors in your yacht. 

  • Stow Unneeded Gear and Objects

When your yacht is in choppy water, it’s crucial to store any equipment that can be thrown about. Moving and falling items have the potential to kill or seriously injure people. There are numerous tragic tales of yachters who were knocked unconscious by falling items and died after going overboard.

  • Wear life jackets and protection at all times 

Wearing life jackets during a storm can protect you or your crew in the event that someone were to go overboard. Experienced yachters often claim that they do not require life jackets since they are proficient swimmers. But no matter how good a swimmer you are, it’s unlikely that you can survive a storm’s deluge of water. In order to have harnesses ready to secure everyone aboard, we also advise having them easily linked to the cleats and tie-offs on your yacht.

Final words

Many of these suggestions may seem obvious, yet yachters often fail to follow them when a storm is approaching. To make sure that both you and your team are as safe as possible, we urge you to utilize these suggestions. Stay calm if you find yourself in the middle of a terrifying storm so you don’t forget to take these safety measures.

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